Amanda has been teaching yoga and leading teacher trainings and workshops for 15 years. Conscious movement creates a pulse of living that reflects everything in our lives, and  gifts us with a participation in a greater evolution within ourselves and the world.

Yoga holds a web-like network of evolutionary opportunity that weaves together a complex and vast set of teachings – a way of living that can offer many effective tools for many that we can then implement in our daily life.

Yoga is about finding your own rhythm and relationship with your interior sacred-self. Opening to the spontaneous movements, being moved by the mover, a sacred and intimate dance with the self, letting the sequences of movements unfold as consciousness itself in the body…spontaneous, ridged lines, fluid lines, sorrow-filled lines profane and profound…just opening to the rhythm of life and the pulse inside you. This is what creates the ecstatic dance of life, when we hold all of it as sacred.

Amanda is a featured teacher on and leads weekly classes in Boulder, CO and ONLINE

Moon Salutation Flow

Enjoy practicing Moon Salutations with Amanda in this soothing, meditative flow. Moon Salutations (Chandra Namaskar) are the calming counterpart to energizing Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar). This is a wonderful class to do when you have lower energy or just feel like you need to relax!

Explore Self Healing

This is a special class which will guide you to practice self-love and nurturance. Give yourself the gift of your own attention and access an inner space of healing. Amanda poses the question: “What is it in your life that requires healing?” Use this flow to connect with your own body’s wisdom and to cultivate loving awareness.

On My Mat with Amanda Botur: Get to Know This Mystic Mama, Musician, and Teacher