AMANDA BOTUR – Confluence / Sangam

Release Date: 4/30/18

Artist Information

Labels:  Self Released
Genre:  World/Folk/Mantra
Hometown:  Boulder, CO
Influences:  Donna DeLory, Tina Malia, Deva Premal

Amanda Botur  delivers soulful and resonant vocals in a delightful amalgam of traditional and modern. Her unique brand of  music and performances combining  mantra rock sacred chant, singer/songwriter, and folk influences create a contemporary and fluid feel to her debut album. Amanda’s songwriting has been deemed ‘deeply nourishing, reflective and relatable’.  She uses sacred chant to open a current of divine flow, to invite connectivity, and create a palpable feel, moving the listener into a resonant experience of connection and love. 
“Amanda Botur’s music is a breath of fresh air in a time when we as a global culture are in deep need of healing. She offers a sonic depth of exquisite loving resonance. Simply put, when we listen to her music individually and communally we are left deeply nourished, heart awakened and smiling.”
Rebecca Folsom, Award Winning Songwriter/Performer




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