Working With Amanda

"One drop of the sea cannot claim to come from one river, and another drop of the sea from another river;
the sea is a single consistent whole. In the same way all beings are one;
there is no being that does not come from the soul, and is not part of the soul."
-Chandogya Upanishad

Working With Amanda

Amanda’s is a student of Love and allows it to be her greatest teacher.

Awakening is all about love. It is really that simple. We all need it for survival, it makes us smile, it carries within it is our greatest pain and our greatest openings, and it is undeniably our highest attainable state of being.  Love is the essence from which all other essences come, and within which the nectar of LIFE itself is formed. It is the very fabric of our being…we are bhaktas, or devotees of LOVE itself, made from the seed.  It is the single most transformational state we can either be in or try to attain. it is the universal language.  It is fire — the flame of the heart, that requires igniting, tending or fueling everyday.

Bringing love, an awakened quality, to all that you do is the cornerstone of conscious living.  Within this natural process of awakening, your body, mind, spirit, and the very content of the interior space that makes up “you” becomes engaged in the yoga of your life. From within this engagement emerges the ultimate realization of the connectedness of all beings.  When you begin to live from this place of interconnectedness, everything from a mundane sip of water, to an extraordinary rainbow begins to carry  a seed of awareness that we are all linked in a divine and cosmic dance.

In keeping your feet held to the sacred fire of understanding that the core of all awakening is informed by the current of your every day life and life experiences, the essence of life is the curriculum for your awakening.  Amanda loves to weave the sacred into the rythms of how you show up for yourself in every aspect of life.  In other words, finding truth and integration so that every step you take lines up with your highest ideals, your outer world will begin to match your interior world.

The body is sacred because it houses the spirit. Amanda is a firm believer that the body carries within it the most intelligent and complex system of not only evolution, but healing.  Her deep encouragement to initate a profound and deep understanding and ‘listen’ to the bodies interior space, helps create a mutually cohesive and healthy co-existance within yourself and your environment.  The capacity for your healing should never be underestimated, nor should any practice that is taken on with a full heart and a desire for transformation.

Responding to the cry for deeper engagement in life or the body’s desire for greater health is one of the layers of yearning that lives within every cell of your being.  It is this same yearning that brings about change, that invites you into love, that moves you into darkness with the same intensity as you move into joy so that you can begin to open your heart. From here, your transformation gives you the vision to work with all situations skillfully.  The healing of the planet begins with healing yourself.

Sacred embodiment is the sequencing of consciousness itself.  Amanda believes that all life is Yoga, and that learning to develop skills to appraoch the flow of your life with grace, skill and fluidity is the Yoga’s highest intention.  Knowing that change is inevitable, your evolution into greater depth and capacity of understanding of YOURSELF can greatly influence the direction of change.  Your life is the practice, your health, your parenting, your relationships, your work, all of it requires the same level of attention and embodiment. IT is that level and quality of awareness that your self-directed study begins to transform your whole life and the life of everyone around you.