What people are saying...


‘Thank you again for such an amazing and enlightening retreat!  As I settle back into my everyday routine I realize how powerful of an experience that was for me.  Thank you for reminding me how to be kind to myself!” C.L. Jackson, WY

‘What a life changing experience!  Thank you, the retreat was amazing, people, food, yoga, dancing, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend a week with my family!  I’m so grateful for the way you teach, always reminding us to be loving and kind and also how to keep it real and accessible.  Thank you for everything, can’t wait until the next time!”  P.J. Jackson, WY

‘Amanda is a LOVE activist!  Wherever she is seek her out, you will love every minute of being in her company, she’s dynamic, down-to-earth and a true teacher.  She has led me into a whole new relationship with my body and my life.  Can’t thank her enough!”  J. K.L, The U.K. 


Amanda, you are such an inspiration to me.  Thank you for continuing to remind me…all of us how to come home and feel comfortable in ourselves.  You are a true gift and the real deal.

-D.N.S, California

I would come to your class over and over again just to hear you sing. Thank you so much!

-R.S Boulder, CO

I can’t wait to make it back to yoga soon….I wanted you to know how much being in prenatal yoga with you helped me in my labor and delivery. I give so much credit to those amazingly relaxing Tuesday afternoons. Thank you!

-A.D. Jackson, WY

I have been taking Yoga for over 20 years and your class, in this moment, is the best I have ever had, thank you.


Thank you Amanda, you always seem to give me exactly what I need!

-KK, Jackson

Amanda, I am so lucky to have such an incredible woman in my life who I can approach with problems varying from religion to boys. They say we are a reflection of our environment and who is in it. You have taught me more than you know and so much more than just yoga. I am eternally grateful and forever excited to see you in the future.

-M.C, Age 15 Jackson, WY

I first discovered Amanda ‘s yoga class about a year ago and have been hooked ever since. Her fun loving spirit and commitment to eternal love is highly contagious!! Amanda somehow takes us on a spiritual journey to the center of ourselves in every class and she seems to know what we need even before we do. Her class effortlessly flows from Luna to Fuego with the perfect balance. I always walk away feeling calm, refreshed and centered and often have to look at my feet just to make sure they are still touching the ground.

-Juniper Lopez, Jackson, WY

Amanda is a wonderful instructor with a calming free spirit. Her instructions are clear and I appreciate the body awareness she brings to the class. So glad your my teacher :)

-L.O., Italy

Thank you for such a  wonderful class this morning…it was a fabulous treat! I so respect you for truly embodying yoga in ALL that you do…you are one of a few who really walks the walk that you talk. It is a pleasure to practice yoga in the space that you create where the ego is in the backseat, and there is room to explore my body. So, thank you, thank you, thank you…for being YOU!

-Ariel Mann, Yoga Instructor and Health & Wellness Consultant, Jackson, WY