...a dance of intimacy within yourself...

Our Mission

Yoga means “engagement,” a union of all parts of yourself in a pulse of living that reflects your greatness, and a participation in a greater evolution within yourself and of the world. Amanda believes that Yoga holds a web-like network of evolutionary opportunity that weaves together a complex and vast set of teachings – a way of living that can offer many effective tools for many that we can then implement in our daily life.  Although Amanda’s yoga training has evolved through different teachers, the great maha’s of yoga have always been Dr. Paula Bromberg and Shiva Rea.

She has studied Yoga in India and in the U.S., embracing and following many different schools and traditions for which she has a deep reverie. Her style is most akin to the Tantric school and the teachings of Shiva Rea, Chris Tomkins, Douglas Brooks, Sally Kempton and the idea of living your yoga.

Amanda believes your yoga practice in whatever form it takes – diet, meditation, movement – should work for you. The seed of yoga and movement lives within you. Because of that, it is possible that instruction can get in the way of finding your own rhythm and relationship with your interior self.  It is important to hold the space to experience sahaja (spontaneous) movement, feel moved by the breath to take any form in your body that feels good.  Yoga is medicine for the body in the form of movement, meditation and awareness itself. The body feels and you act; the breath pulses and takes form.  Amanda believes in being moved by the mover.  Your practice takes on this ‘other-worldly’ form that is really a dance of intimacy within yourself; a way to radiate and ‘click’ with your own groove or bhavana.  It takes work to overide the desires to be in any kind of asana and instead listen to the form the breath takes as a result of movement.  It is being in the flow of conciousness and letting the sequence of movement unfold as conciousness itself in your body.  So every asana becomees a mudra.