Meet Amanda Botur

“Be the place where love Flows” -Erich Schiffman

About Amanda

Amanda is a dynamic healer and teacher who creates a space for people to find freedom and resonance in their bodies & lives. She is trained as a classical homeopath, acupuncturist, and yoga teacher. Through her writing, music, individual work and group classes, she uses an integrative approach that combines wisdom, knowledge, kindness, and a unique ability to connect with people’s essence. Her diverse background of in-depth studies with well-known healers and teachers all over the world, and her keen ability to read how energy flows through the body, helps to guide her students into their own experience.

Amanda approaches her work knowing that each body has it’s own unique vibration, which is then woven with all beings everywhere. She is passionate about getting people connected with all aspects of themselves to open the lines of communication that have sometimes been closed for years and begin a transformative healing process.

She practices radical self acceptance, teaching people to begin a ‘love-affair‘ with themselves and their bodies. Bringing this kind of healing current within has had an amazing affect on Amanda and her students.

Her gentle and loving guidance, passion for teaching and exploration of the human potential stirs the heart, whether through movement, sound, voice, or touch. Her most important work is being mama to two young boys, who continue to reveal to her the true meaning of living love.